Garden Update: August / September 2013

cornbowl Francesca


Corn and yellowing cucumber vines on 08/25/13.

Our garden is almost done for the season.

The cornstalks are starting to dry up, and turn a purple-ish shade. Our ears were kind of small and deformed, but tasty. I don’t know why they didn’t get plump and juicy this season. Too much rain? Last year I felt I didn’t water them enough. The balance has yet to be found.

I’m about to remove the rest of the cukes, which  were  too crowded to grow properly this year. Like our ears of corn, the cucumbers grew strange and misshapen, too — more short and round, than long and skinny.  They tasted pretty good, though!


Cukes, corn, and garden beans harvested 08/13/13

The garden beans were another semi-failure due to overcrowding. Note for next year: Thin these plants out after they sprout! Also, I need a trellis or something for the beans to climb on. Some of the best beans we harvested this year were climbing up our corn stalks and the cage surrounding the grape vines. Beans like to climb! I was reminded of this during a recent visit to Hershey Gardens, where I learned the Legend of the Three Sisters.


Beans, corn, and a yummy pepper harvested 08/31/13

Three things are still going strong: peppers, carrots, and grapes.

The peppers plants, grown from seeds, are producing lush green fruit.

The grape vines are growing like mad, but I have yet to see any fruit or flowers (do grape vines flower?) I also need to figure out the best way to prune the vines for the winter. But not yet …

grippy grapevine

The grapevine grips its cage in squid-like fashion. Creepy cool!

The carrots have thick green hairy tops, but when I pull them, the carrots are short and stumpy. Maybe I should have thinned the carrot seedling, too. The carrots I’ve pulled so far are stumpy but tasty, much like the corn and the cukes.

Truly, this is the year of the mutated vegetable!

cornbowl Francesca

Farmer Francesca looks rock star chic posing with this bowl of freshly shucked, homegrown Jersey corn!



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